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Nomad Bees - Nomada

Group Description

There are 34 species in the UK plus a further 4 from the Channel Islands.


name latinname species sightings media image
Blunthorn Nomad Bee Nomada flavopicta 1 2 30 image for Blunthorn Nomad Bee
Fabricius' Nomad Bee Nomada fabriciana 1 3 24 image for Fabricius' Nomad Bee
Flavous Nomad Bee Nomada flava 1 2 4 image for Flavous Nomad Bee
Fork-jawed Nomad Bee Nomada ruficornis 1 1 5 image for Fork-jawed Nomad Bee
Gooden's Nomad Bee Nomada goodeniana 1 1 2 image for Gooden's Nomad Bee
Small Nomad Bee Nomada flavoguttata 1 3 9 image for Small Nomad Bee