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Bees, Wasps and Ants - Hymenoptera

Group Description

There are 276 species of bee that have ever been recorded in the UK.

There are around 9000 species of wasp in the UK (8055 according to NBN) of which 250 are large and have stings. Out of this only 9 are social wasps living in colonies. Wasps are an extremely important part of the food web. In fact without them we could not live. They are major pest controllers, specifically selecting/keeping down the most abundant pests at anyone time and area making sure there is a balance and hierarchy. Secondly they are major pollinators. With more wasps than bees in the UK they are the number one pollinator of our crops. And with the decline of bees, wasps which are more stable are becoming ever more important as a back up in areas where bee numbers have almost vanished.

There are 50 species of Ant in the UK.


name latinname species sightings media image
Ants Formicidae 5 17 61 image for Ants
Apidae Apidae 3 14 76 image for Apidae
Bumblebees Bombus 8 57 324 image for Bumblebees
Chalcid Wasps Chalcidoidea 5 5 38 image for Chalcid Wasps
Digger Wasps, Hunting Wasps Crabronidae 18 42 287 image for Digger Wasps, Hunting Wasps
Ensign and Pennant Parasitoid Wasps Evanioidea 2 3 41 image for Ensign and Pennant Parasitoid Wasps
Gall wasps Cynipoidea 6 10 19 image for Gall wasps
Ichneumonidea Ichneumonidea 38 110 730 image for Ichneumonidea
Leafcutter Bees Megachile 4 19 102 image for Leafcutter Bees
Lesser Mason-bees Hoplitis 1 2 11 image for Lesser Mason-bees
Mason / Potter Wasps Eumeninae 2 2 24 image for Mason / Potter Wasps
Mason Bees Osmia 6 50 173 image for Mason Bees
Mini Mining Bees Micrandrena 3 3 10 image for Mini Mining Bees
Mining Bees Andrena 15 68 311 image for Mining Bees
Nomad Bees Nomada 6 11 65 image for Nomad Bees
Plasterer Bees Colletidae 5 25 104 image for Plasterer Bees
Platygastroid Parasitic Wasps Platygastroidea 1 1 14 image for Platygastroid Parasitic Wasps
Ruby-tailed Wasps Chrysididae 2 7 43 image for Ruby-tailed Wasps
Shaggy Bees Panurgus 1 3 7 image for Shaggy Bees
Small Carpenter-bees Ceratina 1 2 6 image for Small Carpenter-bees
Social wasps Vespids 4 7 29 image for Social wasps
Solitary wasps Anoplius 1 7 35 image for Solitary wasps
Spider Hunting Wasps Pompilidae 4 10 28 image for Spider Hunting Wasps
Sweat Bees Halictidae 8 45 301 image for Sweat Bees
Wool Carder Bees Anthidium 1 2 17 image for Wool Carder Bees