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Mason Bees - Osmia

Group Description

Solitary bees which excavate tunnels or use already existing ones to lay their eggs into. They line mud in the tunnels before adding pollen then the egg then mud again. They repeat until the tunnel is full. The end result is a series of cells. Females are always layed first at the back with the most protection from predators as they are the most important.


name latinname species sightings media image
Blue Mason Bee Osmia caerulescens 1 14 40 image for Blue Mason Bee
Dull-vented Sharp-tailed Bee Coelioxys elongata 1 1 14 image for Dull-vented Sharp-tailed Bee
Orange-vented Mason Bee Osmia leaiana 1 4 24 image for Orange-vented Mason Bee
Red Mason Bee Osmia bicornis 1 29 74 image for Red Mason Bee
Red-tailed Mason Bee Osmia bicolor 1 1 2 image for Red-tailed Mason Bee
Shiny-vented Sharp-tail Bee Coelioxys inermis 1 2 20 image for Shiny-vented Sharp-tail Bee