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Sweet tobacco - Nicotiana alata

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Stace 4:

Nicotiana alata Link & Otto - Sweet tobacco.

Erect annual to 1.5m; leaves with winged petioles, the wings clasping stem; inflorescence a simple raceme-like cyme; calyx-lobes about as long as -tube or somewhat longer; corolla-tube 50-100mm; corolla-limb 35-60mm across, lobed ≥1/2 way, white; (2n=18). Neophyte-casual; much grown for ornament and frequent on tips and rough ground; very scattered in British Isles, mainly South England; South America.


  • Inflorescence a simple raceme-like cyme; corolla-tube with distal wider part ≤1/8 total length
  • Corolla-limb white on upperside; filaments inserted in apical 1/2 of corolla-tube

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