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Downy Ground-cherry - Physalis pubescens

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Downy Ground-cherry Downy Ground-cherry - Physalis pubescens dylan Bristol 31 May 2023, 1:33 p.m. 30 May 2023, 4:37 p.m.

Species Description

Stace 4:

Physalis pubescens L. - Downy Ground-cherry.

Densely hairy, erect, annual to 1m; differs from P. peruviana in leaves acute to shortly acuminate; fruiting calyx 2-3cm; (2n=24, 28). Neophyte-casual; formerly a frequent wool-alien, recently only Hertfordshire; Central & North America.


  • Stems and leaves densely softly hairy
  • Flowers about 8-10mm long; anthers 1-2mm; fruiting calyx 2-3cm

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