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Sea Pearlwort - Sagina maritima

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Sea Pearlwort Sea Pearlwort - Sagina maritima dylan North Somerset 1 Oct 2021, 1:44 p.m. 26 Sep 2021, 2:51 p.m.

Species Description

Widespread and fairly common along coast throughout the UK. It is moving inland along salted roads and paths. Habitat includes: Bare, open places such as walls, pavements, crevices, rock faces, cliff tops, scree, stabilised shingle, dune-slacks, disturbed upper saltmarsh on sandy substrates, tracks, sandy, coastal roadsides etc. Growing habit: Annual. Flowers: May to September.

  Sagina apetala (Annual Pearlwort)
    Sagina apetala subsp. apetala
Sagina apetala subsp. erecta (Fringed Pearlwort)
Sagina apetala subsp. filicaulis

Sagina boydii (Boyd's Pearlwort)

Sagina maritima (Sea Pearlwort)

Sagina nivalis (Snow Pearlwort)

Sagina nodosa (Knotted Pearlwort)

Sagina procumbens (Procumbent Pearlwort)

Sagina saginoides (Alpine Pearlwort)

Sagina subulata (Heath Pearlwort)
    Sagina subulata var. glabrata (Heath Pearlwort)
    Sagina subulata var. subulata

species hybrid:

Sagina saginoides x procumbens = S. x normaniana (Scottish Pearlwort)
Sagina subulata x procumbens = S. x micrantha

species sensu lato:

Sagina apetala