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Fiddle Dock - Rumex pulcher

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Fiddle Dock Fiddle Dock - Rumex pulcher dylan Sand Point 16 Sep 2022, 4:19 p.m. 11 Sep 2022, 2:42 p.m.

Species Description

Widespread but local below a line from the Wash to the Severn Estuary; elsewhere scattered. Habitat includes: Dry, lighter soils that are often grazed or trampled such as coastal pastures, slightly disturbed grassland, commons, village greens, churchyards, roadside verges. Growing habit: Biennial to short-lived Perennial. Height: Up to 50 cm. Flowers: June to July.

Stace 4:

Rumex pulcher L. - Fiddle Dock.

Erect to spreading perennial, to 40(50)cm; leaves oblong-ovate, usually strongly constricted just above cordate to rounded base; inflorescence very diffuse, with long branches spreading at 45-90°; tepals 4-5.5mm, narrowly to broadly ovate, usually with well-developed teeth but sometimes with few short ones and rarely entire, (1-)3 with elongate warty tubercle; (2n=20). Native; dry grassy places; locally frequent in England and Channel Islands North to Norfolk, rare casual further North, introduced in Ireland and Wales. Two alien sspp. based on tepal-shape have been recorded but not for many years.


  • Tubercles on tepals coarsely warty
  • Perennial; leaves usually constricted just below middle (violin-shaped), rounded to cordate at base; at least some branches arising at >60°
  • Part of pedicel above joint shorter than tepals
  • Tepals with some short teeth, with warty tubercles; branches numerous, arising at ≥45° from main stem

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