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Welsh Dandelion - Taraxacum cambricum

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Species Description

Scattered and local in the West, mainly around Wales but expanding into the far North of Scotland. It is most definitely under-recorded. Habitat includes: Slightly shady places with damp but free-draining alkaline to neutral soils in places such as lane-sides, scrub and woodland margins.

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  • Capitula =
  • Ligule underside = brown
  • Outer phyllaries = erecto-patent
  • Outer phyllary inner = avocado-green with purple tips
  • Outer phyllary outer = dark, glossy, olive-green
  • Phyllary length = about 8 mm
  • Stamen pollen = present
  • Achene length = about 6.5 mm (cone and beak = 3mm, the rest = 3.5mm)
  • Achene colour = brown
  • Leaf outline shape = ob-lanceolate
  • Leaf-lobes (including terminal) = up to 5 pairs
  • Mid-rib upperside = bright ruby red an interwoven
  • Mid-rib underside = whitish pink to same ruby red colour but milder.