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Hard Rush - Juncus inflexus

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Hard Rush Hard Rush - Juncus inflexus dylan Keynsham Memorial Park 7 Sep 2022, 5:01 p.m. 6 Jul 2022, 2:58 p.m.

Species Description

Common and widespread throughout the UK except for the Northern half of Scotland where it is absent. Habitat includes: Damp to wet places such as marshes, fens, wet pasture, pond / lake margins, ditches, dykes and rhynes, banks or rivers, streams and canals, dune-slacks, wasteland etc. Growing habit: Clump-forming Perennial. Height: Up to 1.2 m. Flowers: June to August.

Stace 4:

Juncus inflexus L. - Hard Rush.

Densely tufted; stems erect, to 1.2m, glaucous, very strongly ridged when fresh, with interrupted pith, with very strong subepidermal sclerenchyma girders; inflorescence rather lax, with suberect branches; tepals dark brown; 2n=40, 42. Native; marshes, dune-slacks, wet meadows, ditches, by lakes and rivers, usually on neutral or base-rich soils; common throughout most of British Isles North to Central Scotland (not Isles of Man).


  • Leaves on stems represented only by blade-less scarious sheaths near base
  • Stems strongly glaucous, with pith conspicuously and regularly interrupted at least in region just below inflorescence

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