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Buckler Fern - Dryopteris affinis subsp. affinis

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Species Description

Widespread and fairly frequent throughout the UK, being absent from much of the East.

Stace 4:

ssp. affinis (ssp. kerryensis (Fraser-Jenk.) Fraser-Jenk)., ssp. paleaceolobata (T. Moore) Fraser-Jenk., D. pseudomas (Woll.) Holub & Pouzar).

The most extreme (i.e. least like D. filix-mas) ssp., with shiny leaves with very densely golden-scaly petioles, with lowest pinnae about 1/2 as long as longest; pinnae parallel- and straight-sided for proximal 1/2; pinnules with rounded to rounded-truncate apex with short obtuse teeth and subentire sides, and the lowest with a slight, rounded basal lobe; 2n=82. Throughout most of British Isles except extreme South East England.