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Harvestmen - Opiliones

Group Description

They are not spiders and they are different in that they hunt their prey at night by stalking and they do not build webs or have silk, They also only have one pair of eyes.


name latinname species sightings media image
Common Harvestman Paroligolophus agrestis 1 3 8 image for Common Harvestman
Fork-palped Harvestman Dicranopalpus ramosus 1 2 7 image for Fork-palped Harvestman
Leiobunum blackwalli Leiobunum blackwalli 1 1 2 image for Leiobunum blackwalli
Leiobunum rotundum Leiobunum rotundum 1 3 15 image for Leiobunum rotundum
Odiellus spinosus Odiellus spinosus 1 2 15 image for Odiellus spinosus
Opilio canestrinii Opilio canestrinii 1 4 19 image for Opilio canestrinii