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Out of these only 12 are capable of being able to bite through human skin they include: False widow (most painful-can be as bad as a bee sting), wood louse spider, daddy long-legs spider, Cardinal spider (the UK's largest spider and it is quite rare), Lace web spiders, Orb weavers e.g. garden spider, walnut orb weaver. To add to this minute list I have personally been bitten by a Female Common Fox spider which was carrying an egg sack so was protective. It felt like an Ant bite times 10 and left an ever so slight swollen pink mark which was slightly saw and itchy afterwards but it only lasted for a day. Spider bites are extremely rare and they will only do it if they feel threatened and it is usually only the Females that can bite due to the fact that they are generally larger than the males. You should never ever harm or kill a spider they are incredible creatures in there own right with the added bonus of controlling problematic pests. Like Wasps and ants they are hugely influential on the numbers of potential pests. Especially in houses so throw away your bug spray and let spiders do the job for you.