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Golf Courses

Golf Courses are excellent places for wildlife with vast areas of land containing varied habitats from open, short grass to meadow, grassland, ponds, woodland, scrub etc. Bird life and meadow species in particular thrive here. Bristol's best known example is at Ashton Court where Sky Larks make there home, Green Woodpeckers feed on ants, Mistle Thrush can be seen hopping along and Birds of prey including Common Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks and even Peregrine Falcons are quite commonly seen scouring over. Vast tracts of hay meadow cover most of Ashton's Golf Courses home to the South West's most important site for Green-winged Orchids along with other species such as Common Spotted, Early Purple, Bee Orchid and Autumn Lady's-tresses. From it, insect life flourishes.