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Dylan Peters

(Me) Born on the 19th of April 2003.

I am a Naturalist, Ecologist, Botanist, Wildlife Gardener, Re-wilder, Wildlife Photographer and creator of this website - Wild Bristol. I've had a huge passion for the natural world from the day I was born with an interest expanding to all forms of life but I'm probably most knowledgeable with plants. I have been described (by the great Clive Lovatt) as a 'Polymath' and 'exceptional for someone of my age' when it comes to natural History.

Whilst I've always had a huge interest in the natural world my interest boosted when I got involved in an allotment at the age of 7 where Crickets, Slow worms and Frogs were everywhere. I soon became obsessed by frogs and even took one that was about a year old home as a pet. I named here Hoppy. After 2 and a half years now fully grown I released her back into the wild. She continued to come back year after year to spawn.

Dr. C.M Lovatt described me as a 'polymath' when it came to Natural History and stated "the breadth of your scope is exceptional for someone of your age (I had guessed a decade or two older)."

who's knowledge is beyond extraordinary and is exceedingly rare.