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Laundry Lane


As this lane has no name I've decided to call it 'Laundry Lane'. It is very old and existed before any of the surrounding houses! It would have once cut through, leading onto Gloucester Road. To the South once existed a farm house. The building at the bottom (now garages and appartments) has parts ranging from different ages, the oldest part (the chimney) was built in the late 1700s and the most recent - from about the 1970s. It was once a Laundry named 'Paxmans Laundry'; the iconic chimney which can be seen from miles around would have had smoke bellowing out with a big fire at its base, used to boil the water needed for washing the clothes. It was in use right up until around the 1960s.

I carefully manage it in the aim of attracting as much wildlife as possible! I have done so by creating various habitats which are constantly evolving as I introduce new plant species all of which are wildlife friendly Natives, Archaeophytes and near Natives. I experiment a lot.

Problems it is facing:

Although I do my best to protect and conserve it there are still sadly problems this location faces

  • Dogs - ignorant dog walkers leaving their dog's mess behind! - the problem is dog feses and urine is very high in Nitrogen and quite acidic, causing grass to out-compete with the more sensitive flora and leading to an imbalance. It can also directly kill some that are more sensitive. If they weren't so oblivious, staring at their phones, drinking costa coffee then they would be more aware of their surroundings and the natural world which they so much miss! Solution I put up a sign saying 'wildlife friendly' to show people that it is used. I am planning on putting up dog poo signs and an information board.

  • Trampling: Cars and vans keep on running over my hard work! especially on the corner. Solution: I've laid down a stone wall on the corner to mark the boundary which has helped a lot. And I've put up a temporary string fence also to mark the boundary and let the vegetation recover which has helped.

  • Litter: sadly ignorant idiots think it's acceptable to litter! which not only makes the place look bad but it also blocks light from getting to flora, covering it and killing it. Also it could potentially harm certain wildlife should they get trapped or eat it. Solution: I have to pick it up, also my sign - shows the area is in use and has a function.

  • Cats: the local area is filled with cats! which kill everything! and prevent certain species from even attempting to take advantage of the resources I have provided for them. For example birds... I have managed to attract vast numbers of insects and lower food chain species, but birds are too afraid to come from the danger they have posed on them! Only the brave few come for example Magpies, Wood Pigeons, Black Birds, sometimes House Sparrows, Gold Finches, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Robins and the occasional Chiffchaff, Wren and Goldcrest who feed on such things as Aphids. Even the insects are caught by cats in particular a resident named 'Pumpkin', as cute and fluffy as she is, she is a killer! always looking for a fly or butterfly to pounce on!

  • Exposure. I'm the only one it seems, creating and allowing for wildlife. The location is like an island of paradise precariously balanced in the middle of a war zone of threats. Access being one of the main problems! Un-wildlife friendly gardens! Prison like fencing blocking access to ground dwelling wildlife such as hedgehogs, jam packed with un-wildlife friendly Non-natives and barely any cover such as trees and shrubs are just a few of the reasons for this.

  • Cars / disturbance. As this lane is constantly in use, cars scare off more shy wildlife such as birds, especially when there is not much cover / appropriate habitat available!


Here is a map showing this place: