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Eastville park


Eastville park is a Victorian Park which started on the 6th of February, 1889. after land was purchased for £30,878. It is very popular! and full of different habitats throughout its 28.3 Ha / 70 acres; from traditional parkland with short grass and free standing trees, to semi natural and secondry woodland. Other habitats include scrub, hedgerows, meadow, grassland, lake, river, pond, playing fields etc. And is home to a huge range of wildlife due to it being situated near to Stoke Park and From Valley, leading to Oldbury Court Estate. Some very special wildlife can be seen here including Kingfishers, Otters, Daubenton's Bat, Badgers, Hedgehogs, Slow-worms, Grass Snakes, Cormorants, Grey Herron's, insects including . A large range of flora exist here especially follwing the water courses


Here is a map showing this place: