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Pale-flowered Daffodil - Narcissus macrolobus

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Species Description

Scattered and rare as a relic but probably under-recorded.

Stace 4:

Narcissus macrolobus (Jord.) Pugsley (N. pseudonarcissus ssp. pallidiflorus (Pugsley) A. Fern., N. pallidiflorus Pugsley) - Pale-flowered Daffodil.

Differs from N. pseudonarcissus in tepals (30)40-60mm, cream to pale yellow; corona pale yellow; (2n=14). Neophyte-survivor; occasional relic in South & Central Britain; North Spain.


  • Tepals patent to erecto-patent or very slightly reflexed
  • All 6 stamens borne at same level close to base of corolla
  • Corona usually >10mm, if <10mm then longer than tepals, about as long as to much longer than wide; stamens all of same length or more or less so; hypanthial tube usually distinctly widening towards apex, sometimes more or less parallel-sided
  • Tepals ovate-lanceolate or triangular-ovate to suborbicular, ≥5mm wide
  • Corona slightly shorter to longer than tepals; hypanthial tube <2x as long as greatest width
  • Hypanthial tube 15-25mm
  • Tepals paler than corona
  • Flowers horizontal to downwards-directed; pedicel 3-12mm
  • Corona 30-40mm, distinctly expanded outwards and lobed at margin

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NBN (as N. pseudonarcissus ssp. pallidiflorus)