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Knotted Crane's-bill - Geranium nodosum

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Stace 4:

Geranium nodosum L. - Knotted Crane's-bill.

Shortly rhizomatous more or less erect perennial to 50cm; leaves 5-lobed about 2/3 way to base, the lobes less dissected than in G. versicolor; stalked glands 0; petals 13-18mm, purplish-pink with darker veins, retuse at apex; (2n=28). Neophyte-naturalised; grown in gardens; naturalised in hedgerows and woodland; very scattered in Britain North to Moray, Isle of Man, rare in Ireland; South Europe.


  • Base of mericarps with tuft of apically pointed bristles on inside directed on to seed or into cavity; petals whitish to bright- or purplish-pink
  • Pedicels, peduncles and upper parts of stems with appressed hairs <0.2mm; main leaf-lobes toothed, with teeth ≤0.5mm long