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Bilbao's Fleabane - Erigeron floribundus

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Stace 4:

E. floribundus (Kunth) Sch. Bip. (Conyza floribunda Kunth, C. bilbaoana J. Rémy) - Bilbao's Fleabane.

Stems erect, to 1.5m, green, rather stiffly hairy; capitula 3-5mm wide at fruiting; disc flowers 5-lobed; ligules <0.5mm; pappus yellowish-white; (2n=54). Neophyte-naturalised; waste ground and waysides; first found 1977, now frequent in South & Central Britain, Central & South Ireland and Csilly Isles, scarce in North Britain and Northern Ireland, increasing; South America. Similar to E. canadensis but taller and more densely and harshly hairy and with 5-lobed disc flowers.


  • Phyllaries yellowish-green, glabrous to sparsely hairy, with conspicuous hyaline margin; capitula 3-5mm wide at fruiting; proximal region of leaves with more or less straight marginal hairs (curved on rest of leaf margin)
  • Disc flowers with 5-lobed corolla; inflorescence narrow but widening above; outer flowers with scarcely developed ligules not overtopping phyllaries