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Annual Yellow-woundwort - Stachys annua

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Scattered and rare casual throughout the UK; mainly in the South. Our plant is Stachys annua subsp. annua. Habitat includes: arable fields, wasteland, gardens, allotments etc. Growing habit: Annual. Height: Up to 30 cm. Flowers: June to September. Cultivated in Britain by 1713 and was first recorded in the wild by 1830 (Kent). It originates as a contaminant of grain and oil-seed.

Stace 4:

Stachys annua (L.) L. - Annual Yellow-woundwort.

Erect, shortly hairy annual to 30cm, with or without glandular hairs; corolla pale yellow, 10-16mm; (2n=34). Neophyte-casual; waste ground; rather rare in Central & South Britain; Europe.


  • Corolla cream to yellow
  • Annual; flowers ≥6 per node; corolla 10-16mm

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