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Thyme-leaved Speedwell - Veronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusa

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Species Description

Widespread and fairly frequent in North Scotland. Very sparse and local elsewhere. Habitat includes: Bare, upland montane places such as rock ledges, flushes, wet gravel etc. Growing habit: Creeping Perennial. Flowers: March to October.

Stace 4:

ssp. humifusa (Dicks.) Syme.

Most of flowering stem procumbent; leaves ovate-orbicular; racemes with glandular hairs and often <12 flowers; pedicels longer than calyx; corolla 6-10mm across, deeper blue; 2n=14. Rock-ledges, flushes and wet gravel in mountains; Scottish Highlands, less extreme plants in North England and North and South Wales. Mountain plants of ssp. serpyllifolia often approach ssp. humifusa in their bluer corollas, more procumbent stems, fewer flowers and presence of glandular hairs, and need investigating.