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Bog Stitchwort - Stellaria alsine

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Stace 4:

Stellaria alsine Grimm (S. uliginosa Murray) - Bog Stitchwort.

Decumbent to ascending perennial to 40cm; stems with smooth angles, glabrous; leaves narrowly ovate to elliptic, mostly sessile but those on sterile shoots petiolate; bracts scarious except for green midline; petals shorter than sepals, bifid almost to base; 2n=24. Native; streamsides, ditches, wet tracks, depressions, often on non-acid soils; throughout British Isles.


  • Petals <1.5x as long as sepals; stems glabrous or with 1(-2) lines of hairs down each internode
  • Stems glabrous, square in section; sepals tapered-acute
  • Base entirely scarious or with wide scarious margins; petals bifid much >1/2 way to base
  • Petals much shorter than sepals; leaves mostly <15mm