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Large-sepalled Hawthorn - Crataegus rhipidophylla

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Very under-recorded but probably scattered throughout the UK.

Stace 4:

Crataegus rhipidophylla Gand. (?C. rosiformis Janka, C. curvisepala Lindm.) - Large-sepalled Hawthorn.

Differs from C. monogyna in more extensively toothed leaves; fruits often larger and deeper red, with more conspicuous sepals usually longer than wide (about as long as wide in C. monogyna); (2n=68). Neophyte-survivor; planted mostly as hedging, now self-sowing; scattered in Britain but probably overlooked for C. monogyna, Central & East Europe. The leaves have a distinctive appearance but are difficult to describe. There is dispute as to whether C. rosiformis or C. rhipidophylla is the correct name. Relative abundance of the 2 sspp. is unknown.


  • Styles and stolons 1(-2); deepest sinus between leaf-lobes reaching >2/3 way to midrib; leaf-lobes (3)5-7, the lowest pair acute
  • Lowest leaf-lobes on leading shoots entire for much <1/2 way from apex of petiole to tip of lobes

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