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Southern Dogwood - Cornus sanguinea subsp. australis

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Stace 4:

Ssp. australis (C.A. Mey.) Jáv. (C. australis C.A. Mey.).

Hairs on leaf abaxial surface all with 2 more or less equal arms both appressed to leaf surface. Neophyte-survivor; much planted on roadsides and in shrubberies and new hedges; widespread in much of England and Wales but overlooked; East Europe to Caucasus. Large leaved (5-13(18)cm) plants with the pubescence of ssp. sanguinea are perhaps referable to C. koenigii C.K. Schneid. from the same area as ssp. australis and planted here in the same way. They might be best treated as another ssp. Intermediates between all 3 taxa occur.