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Forsythia - Forsythia suspensa x viridissima = F. x intermedi

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Widespread and often escapes. Deciduous.

Stace 4:

F. x intermedia Zabel (F. suspensa x F. viridissima Lindl.) - Forsythia.

Erect to arching shrub to 5m; apical internode of 1-year old stems with septate pith; leaves mostly simple, ovate to narrowly ovate, serrate; flowers in small clusters on old wood, 2-3.5cm, bright yellow; (2n=28). Neophyte-naturalised; the most grown garden taxon, relic or throwout in rough ground or on roadsides or walls; throughout most of British Isles, probably over-recorded for F. suspensa; garden origin. Molecular evidence suggests that F. x intermedia is not of the above parentage but is a seperate species.