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Whorl Grass - Catabrosa aquatica

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Widespread and fairly frequent throughout the UK especially on the Western side and around Coasts. It is most common in the South below a line from the Wash to the Severn. Habitat includes: Muddy pond margins, cattle-poached ditches, canals, sluggish streams, Wet open sand by the sea (var. uniflora), flushes, marshes, wetlands etc. Growing habit: Stoloniferous Perennial. Height: Up to 50 cm. Flowers: June to August. Other names include: Brook-grass, Water Whorl-grass, Water Whirl-grass, water Hair-grass. 2 varieties: var. aquatica, var. uniflora. It has undergone massive decline due to land reclamation, draining the land and infilling of ponds.