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Hairy Finger-grass - Digitaia sanguinalis

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Stace 4:

Digitaia sanguinalis (L.) Scop. - Hairy Finger-grass.

Culms decumbent to erect, to 50cm, often hairy on sheaths and leaves; racemes (2)4-16, 3-16cm; (2n=18, 28, 36-48, 54, 76). Neophyte-naturalised; weed of similar habitats to D. ischaemum, sometimes naturalised, but commoner as a birdseed-, wool- or soyabean-alien and less common in cultivated ground; occasional in South Britain and Channel Islands, scattered North to Central Scotland, County Antrim, once rare but now much commoner than D. ischaemum; South Europe.


  • Lower lemma with minutely scabrid veins (x20 lens), rarely hairy at edges; upper glume 1/3-1/2(2/3) as long as spikelet, rather abruptly acute