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Great Fen-sedge - Cladium mariscus

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Widespread but scattered and local throughout the UK; being most common around East Anglia and the Eastern coast of Scotland. Habitat includes: swamps (oligotrophic to mesotrophic), lakes / pond margins, stream-sides, tall-herb fens, open fen carr. Growing habit: Rhizomatous Perennial. Height: Up to 3m. Flowers: June to August.

Stace 4:

Cladium mariscus (L.) Pohl - Greater Fen-sedge.

Stems erect, to 2(3)m; leaves ≤2m x 2cm, grey-green; inflorescence ≤70 x 10cm; (2n=36, about 60). Native; wet, base-rich areas in fens and by streams and ponds; locally common but very scattered in British Isles. A rare variant in parts of Ireland has apple-green less stiff leaves with only mildly serrate edges.

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